Support Services

We take care of all your IT needs

The aim of our support services is to help maintain your productivity and customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the things that make us the “Go-To” company for ICT service and support:

We have over 30 years experience in the business.

We were there before most of them and we understand the needs of the small business to enterprise. Datec’s Sales and Service personnel are fully trained by leading industry manufacturers and distributors, offering a level of expertise that provides satisfaction and guaranteed services

Process, Reliability and Quality

Datec is PNG’s first ISO 9001:2015 certified ICT solutions provider. We have developed extensive repeatable business processes in all areas of management, technology and Services. Emphasizing continuous improvement, a pro-active approach, and accurate, timely and courteous responses.

Trained Engineers

Datec has a team of highly skilled and dedicated people who understand what it takes to keep your systems stable, steady and available on-line with minimum downtime.

We function as your IT partner.

It’s one thing to need someone to help you out in an emergency. We evaluate and assess your entire system and tell you what needs to be done to keep things in shape. And under service level agreements Datec engineers provide provative and preventive maintenance to keep your systems stable, steady and available on-line with minimum downtime.

Datec will meet your project deadlines

When you work with us on a large project or simple upgrades, we’ll be sure to stick to our promised deadlines.

Support Services

On Demand Support is a service designed for clients that find traditional support (call when needed) is the best support option for their business. There is no limit, no contract and no commitment. You pay per hour (or per project) for the services.

To streamline on demand support requests, we follow these simple steps:

  • Assessment: When you contact Datec Service desk for support a knowledgeable representative will carefully listen to your issue, log the issue in our system and will assign a dedicated technician to get your problem resolved.
  • Troubleshooting: A dedicated Datec technician will contact you and start working to get your issue resolved.
  • Resolution: After the issue has been resolved to clients full satisfaction, an invoice will be sent out for the work done.

Datec is an Authorised Service Center for

  • IBM
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Nutanix
  • Acer
  • Canon
  • Eaton
  • Apple, etc

– We have dedicated pool of vendor trained and certified staff for warranty repairs.
– Datec spares team can source and supply computer spare parts for post warranty repairs.
– Contact our Service desk for spare part enquiries for PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Plotters, UPS, Batteries, etc

IT Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

When something goes wrong, our IT Support team can diagnose and remotely resolve the issue. If your problem can’t be fixed via phone or email tech support, we can dispatch a field service technician to provide on-site and desk-side resolution. The below form part of the Service Level Agreements:

  • Preventative and Reactive Maintenance Your network, servers, hardware, and software all require preventative maintenance in order to work effectively and consistently. Through Datec IT Service Contracts, scheduled maintenance programs ensure that proper patches are installed and that your systems aren’t overloaded. This maintenance ensures that everything works as it should — preventatively addressing what might not be able to be diagnosed over the phone.

If a breakdown does occur, business-critical interruptions could result in downtime and loss of productivity. Our field service technicians can respond swiftly, get your systems up-and-running, and, with preventative maintenance, make sure it won’t happen again.

  • Hardware Support Sometimes no matter how well hardware is taken care of, it can randomly crash. Datec Support services include equipment testing to ensure that your end user devices are working right and to repair devices that failed. This proactive approach has been proven to curve larger, unforeseen expenses in the future.
  • Patching Program and software patches are often provided via remote assistance, but sometimes Field IT Support is required to ensure that your software and apps are compliant and functioning.
  • Security Especially for industries requiring high compliance in the storage of sensitive company or customer information require constant security checks to keep data secure. Our Field Support technicians can run different analyses to ensure that your systems are locked-down tight and safe from a malicious attack or virus.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Your business data is the heart of your organization. It is crucial to protect it. Your business must have a reliable, cost-effective backup plan to ensure continuity, in the event of failure. Datec can provide a solid data backup and recovery solution to make your critical business data available at any point in time.