Servers and Storage

Datec’s partnerships with cutting edge technology providers – Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, HP & Nutanix – offer clients in PNG an unparalleled choice of server and storage solutions.

Datec offers to PNG market a wide range of affordable solutions. They are ideal for workgroups, or small to medium business and enterprise clients that require dependable server and storage performance, service and support.

Datec has fully trained and certified engineers to carry out warranty support, solution design, installation, configuration, servicing, troubleshooting and on-going maintenance of Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, HP & Nutanix server and storage platforms.

Servers & Storage

Lenovo have the perfect server for a growing small or medium business, retail, or distributed environment: powerful, flexible, reliable, easily manageable, and environment-friendly. They also have a hyperconvergence option via a Nutanix integration.

For storage with Lenovo Datec offers the S and V-Series storage area network (SAN) solutions which will help customers meet their business requirements by providing fast and always available storage on the network.

Simplify IT Infrastructure by integrating server, storage and virtualization in a centrally managed appliance with an intuitive, consumer-grade friendly interface.

Reduce costs and gain quicker ROI by breaking down silos enabling customers to easily add capacity and scale, as future needs demand.
Deliver greater reliability and service with Lenovo enterprise server innovation rated #1 in reliability and customer satisfaction. Datec delivers high performance compute and storage virtualization environments with Nutanix.

Start small and scale without limits with data storage solutions that are fast, flexible, efficient and application-integrated. Datec provides storage Solutions for any scale, performance or investment.

Handle more workloads, more simply with these open, unified and software-defined data storage solutions.

Accelerate your transformation to hybrid IT, scaling your flash storage use up or down as needed—on-premises and for only pennies per usable gigabyte per month.

This can be realized with Datec and Hewlett Packard Enterprise 3PAR solutions.

IBM Storage solutions provide the speed and performance of ready data access with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and software-defined storage.

By connecting data across any architecture, storage from IBM delivers deeper insights faster — giving you the edge to outthink and outperform your competition and win in the cognitive era.

Datec has partnered with IBM to deliver servers and storage to many businesses in Papua New Guinea. We have highly trained and certified engineers that service and support our IBM solutions all across Papua New Guinea.

Whether starting out or growing; businesses require a rock-solid IT infrastructure that will ensure that they have the right tools, hardware and potential to continue growing.

And out of all the elements in an IT base, storage is the lifeblood that keeps a company moving forward. QNAP provides a full range of cutting-edge network-attached storage devices that not only fulfill storage needs, but also provide a wide range of services and features to greatly increase the productivity and options of your business.

From small to medium businesses to large enterprise network deployments Datec has the in house expertise to design, install, operate and optimize storage solutions.