Datec Internet Consumer Guide




Datec ISP offers corporate, residential and office internet solutions.

Our internet services are available in Port Moresby and Lae. Where there  is line of site to Datec repeater site, setup will be carried out and a link is commissioned. This link will give direct internet access through Datec’s network.

A potential  customer enquires or is made known about Datec’s internet services through media advertisements, brochures, or reference. All terms and conditions are stated in Datec’s sign up/ application form when customer requests to sign up with Datec’s internet services.

Internet solutions offered are un-contended, contended, unlimited and open or capped. Open plan options incur an excess charge of five (5) toea per megabyte  download. Customers are only charged excess when they give consent for their internet accounts to have an open plan.

Home Alone plans are shaped to 128kilobbits per second, while Home Married plans are shaped to 384kbps during peak period. Peak periods are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, all other times are off peak. Off peak periods are shaped to 6megabits per second (this applies to internet plans that use the peak/off-peak bandwidth  shaping). Walk-in customers who enquire about our internet services are assisted with plan selections and sign up procedures by our qualified sales and customer service officers.

Customers are required to make a purchase  of the equipment and commit to the first month’s payment  of the service before installation and commissioning of the link is carried out. Our terms of contract  are very flexible for our customers. Customers can always request to cancel or change their subscription at any time they prefer.

When a customer signs up with us, he/she will be given a username and password to gain access to our customer portal. In the customer portal, they will be able to see their information of the service, the plan they are subscribed to, how much data they have left (this applies to customers who subscribe to our capped/open plans), their billing information and customer account information. Our after-sale and technical support  is available to all our customers 24/7. Remote, and (if need be) on-site technical assistance  is readily available to our customers.

Customers are able to call our office on +675 3031333 or hotline numbers  +675 76491037 and +67572369522, send an email to our concierge at, or call or send an email to any of our customer service officers or technical support team should they face any issues, require our assistance or would like to lay a complaint in relation to our internet services.

When a customer lays a complaint about the service, the complaint is logged on our ticketing system (OTRS ticketing system). A job is then created and assigned to our technical support  staff to make remote checks and verify if there  is an issue that can be fixed remotely. If the job requires further verification, two instances will occur; either the ticket is escalated to our level 2 and senior engineers to further assist with remote troubleshoot, or the ticket is reassigned to our zone technicians for onsite verification and troubleshoot. We do not bill our customers for troubleshooting common issues or issues that occur on Datec’s end of the service.

Our customers are only billed if they manage their own network (Datec demarcation point is WAN interface; radio link) and agree to incur the charges. We charge our customers three  hundred  and eighty five (385) kina per hour for time spent troubleshooting an issue on their Local Area Network.

A thirty (30) day grace period is given to our customers who have not settled  payments  with us for the month leaving. Customer is informed of the grace period and advised to settle payments  via system generated email. Once the grace period is up the account is then system automatically suspended and leaves the customer in the arrears for the previous month and the grace period. Customer will then have to make payments  in order to have their service reactivated.

We offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) which is a subscriber agreement between the customer & Datec PNG Limited. The agreement guarantees service commitment as per below;

  1. Installation Guarantee.
  2. Network Availability Guarantee.
  3. Network Latency Guarantee.
  4. Packet Delivery Guarantee.

Private Point to Point services are not eligible for any guarantees under the SLA. The guarantees under the SLA are applicable to Datec PNG Limited’s Dedicated Internet Access customers only. Also special reference is made to schedule 1 of Standard & Special Conditions of Individual Licenses Rule 2011 which we abide too.

Customer information  provider or stated on the Datec NGN Signup Agreement form is confidential. Access to this information is restricted and limited only to Datec ISP staff. However if the customer has multiple service accounts apart from internet in Datec than the information  can be shared internally and restricted only to Datec Staff. Should there  be any changes to the customer main contact person then a letter of authority is requested for any changes.

Datec (PNG) Ltd:Poreporena Highway, PO Box 504, Port Moresby | Phone: +675 303 1333 | Fax: +675 325 9066

Lae:Milfordhaven Road, PO Box 3090, Lae | Phone: +675 473 0600 | Fax: +675 472 7277