Datec is PNG’s largest ISP, we’ve been providing affordable and fast connections for both home and business users for years.

The internet solutions and services we offer are :

  • Internet plans for home and business
  • Corporate unlimited plans, contended and uncontended
  • Metro Area Ethernet Solutions – MAE
  • Point – to Point Solutions – PTP
  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Spam filtering, etc

Internet Solutions

Datec is one of PNG’s longest serving Internet Service Providers.

Our Next Generation Network is the new carrier grade multi-class, multi-service data transport platform for our ISP. Internet is no longer a luxury like it was only a decade ago.

It is now a necessity that every business needs in order to compete in their respective industries. Our Internet connectivity solutions are referred to as Dedicated Internet Access Services.

Delivered over our next generation network, CDMA-EVDO, fixed wireless, microwave or VSAT access network Datec can deliver Internet bandwidth at up to 26 Mbps full duplex. Talk to our ISP sales team today about how our solutions can fit your business need.

Businesses today are faced with many challenges, including increasing bandwidth demands, market expansion pressures, limited IT staff and more constrained IT budgets.

With the need to connect office locations, mobile teleworkers, residential employees, data centers and disaster recovery locations into one secure unified network.

The Datec Metro Area Ethernet (MAE) solution allows subscribers to network their business units and participants in ways that were previously either too complex or impossible with alternative solutions.

Software-defined WAN is a new approach to network connectivity that lowers operational costs and improves resource usage for multi-site deployments, allowing network administrators to use bandwidth more efficiently and ensure the highest possible level of performance for critical applications without sacrificing security or data privacy.

Datec leverages the central management and reporting of their cloud managed networking suite to deliver solutions to customers that are easy and cost effective to operate and maintain lowering a customer’s total cost of ownership (TCO) of their networking infrastructure.

Are the operational costs of maintaining your own IT team too overwhelming?

Does your current IT team need assistance with the operation and management of your internal business systems?

If your answer to either of these was yes then we have you covered. Datec is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and with this service we offer our customers the ability to outsource their systems and network engineering requirements to us.

In addition to handling all of your day-to-day IT requests we will provide you with compulsory monthly preventative maintenance checks to ensure your systems are operating efficiently.

We also provide monthly reporting on your entire IT environment and network infrastructure so that you can rest assured your systems are available to service your business.





It is clear to see that email has become the most universal way to communicate over the Internet.

However the majority of email we receive is spam. Some of these messages are ‘harmless’ advertising from companies on the Internet but a lot of these spam emails have a more malicious intent and contain viruses, URL links to malware and links to phishing sites.

Our biggest challenge is educating our users about these types of emails. We can be proactive in this regard by ensuring these spam emails never reach our end users in the first place. Datec spam filtering solutions can either be deployed on premises at the customer site or hosted in our data center.

We filter the spam before your email is delivered to your mail server allowing you to use your Internet connection for more legitimate traffic and at the same time reducing your Internet costs.