Datec’s Data Centre is one of PNG’s first and best Data Centres.

We offer superb connectivity and an extremely reliable infrastructure.

We have been providing hosting services to customers for over 15 years and maintain an uptime of over 99.99%.

The Datacentre solutions and services we offer are:

  • Cloud Services
  • Equipment Colocation
  • Disaster Recovery – Physical/ Virtual
  • BCP Suite

Datacentre Solutions

Disaster can strike at any time. Is your business ready to deal with natural disasters, targeted attacks or catastrophic system failure? Datec has dedicated and virtual private servers available for rent in our data center as part of our disaster recovery services.

These servers are online 24/7 and are available for immediate rental for your disaster recovery needs. You can operate in failover mode, via peer-to-peer replication, vMotion or any other technology of your choosing.

It is important to note that we are not locked down to a single vendors implementation of disaster recovery. If required you can also outsource your entire Disaster Recovery planning to our Datec professional services personnel and they can advise you on the best mechanisms for backing up your business applications and network infrastructure.

We also provide business continuity planning (BCP) services.

We can assist your team with building a comprehensive BCP to ensure your business keeps operating even after a catastrophic disaster. We have a hot site and cold site solution for you to chose from and can have your business up and running in our data center with access to high speed internet, telephone lines, fax and office automation options for you to continue running your business even after the worst disasters.

Speak to us today to see how we can help you.

If you prefer to manage your own disaster recovery and business continuity planning but don’t have a second/redundant site to deploy to you can use our world-class data center to collocate your networking infrastructure.

With our equipment collocation plans you are provided with a private connection to our data center and are given secure rack space with industry standard power and cooling.

Keeping a copy of your data offsite in a secure location ensures business continuity and also allows your business to conform to external third party audit compliance.

We can also provide you with online cloud storage to backup to.

This can be done via the Internet over a virtual private network (VPN) or more cost effectively over a private MAE connection back to our data center. If you simply need a storage location to keep your offsite data you can leverage our cloud services to backup your data.

Think of this as a replacement to tape drives. We present you with a secure connection to a ‘hard disk’ for you to copy your data to via Veeam Cloud Connect. We are offering this service to ensure that we cover all levels of disaster recovery and business continuity.

From small to medium businesses, all the way up to enterprise and service provider solutions Datec has you covered.





We can host your domain and your website for you with a very low and cost effective hosting solution.

Our data centers have redundant Internet connections, UPS and generator backup to ensure your website stays up. At an additional cost we can also assist you to ensure that your website is secure from cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection (SQLI) attacks by routing your inbound website traffic through one of our web application firewalls and also by assisting you with the correct configuration to harden your web servers.

This way you can keep serving your web applications to your users without having to worry about your server being compromised.