IT Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

When something goes wrong, our IT Support team can diagnose and remotely resolve the issue. If your problem can’t be fixed via phone or email tech support, we can dispatch a field service technician to provide on-site and desk-side resolution. The below form part of the Service Level Agreements:

  • Preventative and Reactive Maintenance Your network, servers, hardware, and software all require preventative maintenance in order to work effectively and consistently. Through Datec IT Service Contracts, scheduled maintenance programs ensure that proper patches are installed and that your systems aren’t overloaded. This maintenance ensures that everything works as it should — preventatively addressing what might not be able to be diagnosed over the phone.If a breakdown does occur, business-critical interruptions could result in downtime and loss of productivity. Our field service technicians can respond swiftly, get your systems up-and-running, and, with preventative maintenance, make sure it won’t happen again.
  • Hardware Support Sometimes no matter how well hardware is taken care of, it can randomly crash. Datec Support services include equipment testing to ensure that your end user devices are working right and to repair devices that failed. This proactive approach has been proven to curve larger, unforeseen expenses in the future.
  • Patching Program and software patches are often provided via remote assistance, but sometimes Field IT Support is required to ensure that your software and apps are compliant and functioning.
  • Security Especially for industries requiring high compliance in the storage of sensitive company or customer information require constant security checks to keep data secure. Our Field Support technicians can run different analyses to ensure that your systems are locked-down tight and safe from a malicious attack or virus.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery  Your business data is the heart of your organization. It is crucial to protect it. Your business must have a reliable, cost-effective backup plan to ensure continuity, in the event of failure. Datec can provide a solid data backup and recovery solution to make your critical business data available at any point in time.

ICT Consulting

The IT auditing process is inherently complex as it involves multiple internal and external stakeholders. Existing audit infrastructure has evolved from the bottom up, leaving most organizations without a single system of record, and preventing top down visibility and control. 

At Datec we carefully examine and evaluate your organisation's information technology infrastructure, your IT policies and operations to determine whether your IT controls protect your corporate assets, ensure data integrity and are aligned with your business's overall goals.




The purpose of a network assessment is to provide you with a clear vision and understanding of how your business goals can be met with technology. Datec works with you to define and refine your existing network. Together we build the roadmap to successfully take your business to the next level.

We start by meeting with you and discussing what your areas of concern are. We assign a Network Engineer to do the discovery of the network. While onsite we will take the time to meet with management and key users to gain further feedback.

Our network Engineer performs a physical and logical inventory of the network to provide you a detailed overview. We evaluate the technical environment and identify ways to optimize your infrastructure. This information is helpful when planning a project or to simply give you peace of mind.

Examples of areas we focus on are:

  • Servers
  • LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Wireless Network
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Backup Strategies
  • Optimizing the Network Performance

The final deliverable to you is a valuable tool you can use in all of your technology decision making.

Security Architecture assessment reviews your security framework to understand the risks, identify compliance requirements and make required recommendations.

Datec's’ Security Architecture Assessment Services help you implement a comprehensive security architecture by identifying weak links and gaps in your security framework and providing a set of prioritized actionable items to overcome them.

Our IT security experts have a deep understanding of compliance, regulations and security frameworks. They focus and follow security best practices for your business domain and help to develop an environment which helps you achieve compliance and  be secure in dynamic risk environment.

Our partner PanGRC is a boutique software and consulting company specializing in the development and implementation of business continuity management (BCM) and governance risk and compliance (GRC) solutions. PanGRC has a proven track record regarding a broad cross-section of industry sector’s business continuity requirements.

We have an unique software solutions deployment and workshop approach for BCM/BCP assessment.  The appropriate methodology (GRC or BCM) is embedded within the software and the focus of the workshop is on collecting GRC / BCM data from the subject matter experts using intuitive screens…a more enjoyable experience for workshop participants compared to completing an Excel spreadsheet or Word table.

Talk to our experts to further understand the several benefits of the software-based approach for BCM/BCP assessments.






Our team of experts will work with you to review your critical operations related to cloud computing – organisation, infrastructure and applications and help you to :

  • Refine your vision and goals for cloud;
  • Qualify your needs and requirements related to cloud;
  • Draw up a high-level roadmap and action list to move forward.